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We offer a thorough and efficient service for rug washing, reproofing and repairs – for all your equine laundry needs, and dog bedding too.

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Stable Rug Wash from £9.00

Turnout Rug Wash from £9.00

Turnout Rug Wash & Proof from £17.50

Cooler/Fleece/Fly Rug from £6.00

Saddlepads/Numnahs from £4.00

Neck Cover from £6.00

Boots/Bandages from £4.00

Duvet from £8.00

Dog Bed/Coats from £6.00

* In the unlikely event that your horse rug is lost or damaged by us we will provide a like for like replacement. During the washing process, many hairs are washed off along the way, but if you require full de-hairing of an item, there is an extra charge. Please note that the health and safety at work act does not allow the repairing of dirty rugs. If you are unhappy with our services, we guarantee to work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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